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How it Works....
  • Choose your party workshop 
  • Reserve your date with a deposit
  • Invite your party / or join another... we can help here
  • Arrive and enjoy the pARTy!
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What is a Paint pARTy?
​​​The Paint
  • is chalk paint....non toxic, no odour, beautiful range of mixable colours to transform almost any surface with little or no preparation.
  • Versatile enough to paint fabrics and to print.
  • Use for dying, image making and an infinite number of decorative projects.

  • is curiosity and imagination put together with the materials and techniques in the chosen workshop to awaken your colourful creative genius.

The Party
  • is of your choosing.......both the theme of the workshop and those who you invite to make up the party.

If you would like to join others, or invite other people to join you, then please call or email. I am a working pARTy of one most days... creative people always welcome here!
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Decorative effects and projects with chalk paint

Paint Boarding
Shades of Crazy
Textile Landscapes
Experience the versatility of chalk paint!

With our guidance, apply colours and waxes for textured effects.

Explore the possibilities of decoupage and scraffito overlayed with stencil and gilding to create your own decorative board.

All techniques to inspire and use in your home.
New lamps for old!

Bling up your old lamp with chalk paint, stencils, vintage fabrics, trims and beads.


The complete look; base and shade. 
Re purposed old wine bottles have never looked so crazy... bring a bottle or have one of ours!
Create your own personal landscape

Use a variety of papers, textiles, paints and simple stitch; enjoy being guided through this interesting and revealing workshop with Patricial Bell.
More Information on worshops here
"A truly inspiring workshop. I had so much fun and couldn't wait to get home and paint all my furiture! Thank you...."
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